Dancer, choreographer, costumer designer, artist and writer

Eileen Kramer was born in 1914 and grew up in Cremorne, Sydney, a child of the bush and the harbour. Her career spans four continents and a century of creativity.


Latest happenings


Sue Healey’s exquisite short film was created as a music video for the track ‘Eileen’, from the 2022 album Alter Ego by David Orlowsky (clarinet) and David Bergmüller (lute).

Eileen’s film The God Tree was released in November 2021, in time for her 107th birthday. Inspired by a monumental Moreton Bay Fig in Glebe, Sydney, it was made with the help of long-time collaborator Sue Healey and featuring music by the legendary Mike Nock.


Bodenwieser style

Eileen first saw the Bodenwieser Dance Company perform in 1940, at the age of 25. “Whatever it was in my psyche that recognises its own told me immediately that this was for me. The next day I found out where Madame Bodenwieser was teaching and went there straightaway to see whether I could become a student of the dance.” By the end of 1940, she was given her first solo, ‘Spring’, and was designing costumes for the company as well. Her first performance as a professional member of the company was in 1943.

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