A collection of wise and whimsical short stories written from lock-down in Sydney in 2020, the year of Eileen’s 106th birthday. Illustrated with collages and drawings, and including biographical notes as well as photographs from her long and inspirational life.
– Hardback, 224 pages
– Illustrated in colour

Eileen: Stories from the Phillip Street Courtyard

Eileen Kramer and Tracey Spring, Melbourne Books, 2018

In this charming memoir, Eileen writes about her life before she was a dancer, living in a bohemian artist community in Phillip Street in the centre of Sydney. The book’s 33 stories are a social history of Sydney bohemia in the late 1930s, spanning five years of Eileen’s life as a young woman from 1936 to 1940 as she grows into adulthood, discovering friendships, loyalty, sensuality and art.

Walkabout Dancer

Eileen Kramer, Trafford Publishing, 2008

Eileen’s first venture into memoir includes fascinating accounts of the Bodenwieser years, her travels in India and Europe, as well as her time in New York and West Virginia. Lyrical, expressive and imaginative, this lovely book chronicles Eileen’s journey as she gathers material for her spiritual “dilly bag” of ideas and images.

The Heliotropians

Eileen Kramer, Trafford Publishing, 2009

A fantasy novel following the adventures of a group of young time travellers who return to the Old Earth to discover what the world looked like before the ice came and the sun grew pale. No one has attempted this journey in the last 500 years; the last group never returned.

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