Explore videos featuring Eileen, including her own short films, music videos for European clarinet/lute duo David Orlowsky and David Bergmüller (2022) and Australian singer/songwriter Lacey Cole (2014), as well as a profile by ABC’s The Mix (2017), interviews with the ABC’s Jane Hutcheon in 2018, and Studio 10 in 2019 and more.

Eileen starred in the video ‘Eileen’ from the album Alter Ego, by European musicians David Orlowsky and David Bergmüller (see below). Due to Covid-19 the whole project took place remotely, but as soon as the Australian borders opened David Orlowsky decided to travel to Sydney and meet her. “I had planned to interview her with a 25-part questionnaire,” said David, “but it quickly turned out Eileen had some questions for me as well…”
‘Eileen’ (short film by Sue Healey) from the album Alter Ego by David Orlowsky (clarinet) and David Bergmüller (lute), Warner Classics 2022.
‘Alter ego’. “Two bodies, one breath. What a gift, what a surprise this release is.” Gramophone
Explore the album.
A film by Eileen Kramer and Sue Healey, dedicated to Gertrud Bodenwieser. Find out more.
Find out more about the making of this film.
From ABC’s The Mix, 2017
Profile released in 2014, celebrating Eileen’s 100th birthday
One plus one, interview with Jane Hutcheon, ABC, 20 December 2018
On Studio 10 after entering the Archibald Prize, 2019
Eileen dances on the cliffs at Clovelly Beach for ‘Nephilim’s Lament, from Lacey Cole’s debut album ‘Other Ways To Say The Same Thing’ available at, 2014
Listen to Eileen, then 99, and Lacey Cole interviewed by Mia Hull for the ‘Out of the box’ podcast.!podcast
From Spotlight on Australian Ballet, National Film Board, 1948. National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.
Eileen dances in ‘Waterlilies’ from 13:47, and from 22.05 in ‘Demon Machine’ and then ‘The Blue Danube’.
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