A birthday party for a legend

Eileen Kramer celebrated her 107th birthday in early November, with tributes from friends in dance and song. The festivities were documented in this little video put together by Richard Corfield.

You can also experience Richard Corfield’s wonderful cinematography in The God Tree, the latest film from Eileen and collaborator Sue Healey.

The song: ‘Eileen 107’.
Words by Anca Frankenhaeuser, to the tune of Kiss of Fire / El Choclo

Eileen, we celebrate you now again together
Hundred and seven you’ve attained despite the weather,
Despite these lockdowns keeping us apart from you
Despite the problems of the world that touch us too

Again you have been writing, illustrating new books
With many more to come, pulled out from the nooks
Of your extraordinary mind that keeps creating,
So many new thoughts it is always elevating

We can’t resist you, what good is there in trying
What good is there denying, you are so very special
To each of us and to many, many others
If we are slaves, then it is slaves we want to be
Don’t pity us, our choice is free

Thank God for telephones that keep us all in touch
With you Eileen because we do love you so much
To share your world of riches, all your wisdoms too
We are so grateful and will you forever woo

With thanks and apologies to:
Angel G. Villoldo, composer of El Choclo,
and songwriters of Kiss of Fire Richard Bailey & Tom Galley

Bonus – Eileen on exercise

Eileen describes her daily exercise routine: half an hour, every day, combining ‘physical therapy’ and dance. Get moving!

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