Eileen completes film dedicated to Gertrud Bodenwieser

‘Waterlily Variations’ is inspired by a short dance created by Gertrud Bodenwieser in 1925, and performed by Eileen in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Made with long-time collaborator Sue Healey, the film was initially screened for friends at Eileen’s 108th birthday party in November 2022, but continued to evolve over the following months. ThisContinue reading “Eileen completes film dedicated to Gertrud Bodenwieser”

Sunshine and sparkle for a significant birthday

A ‘great mob’ of friends gathered beside a sparkling Sydney harbour in early November to help Eileen Kramer celebrate 108 years of creativity and comradeship. Those assembled were treated to a performance by Eileen herself, as well as a screening of two films made by Eileen and collaborator Sue Healey: 2021’s The God Tree, andContinue reading “Sunshine and sparkle for a significant birthday”

Eileen releases new film for 106th birthday

‘Lady of the Horizon’ is a short film by Eileen Kramer and Sue Healey. Sue says: “We filmed Eileen’s new choreography near the end of 2019 with cinematographer Mark Pugh and a cast of Sydney dancers. Throughout the lockdown of 2020, the work evolved, focusing on Eileen’s process of drawing as a strategy to realiseContinue reading “Eileen releases new film for 106th birthday”