Eileen releases new film for 106th birthday

‘Lady of the Horizon’ is a short film by Eileen Kramer and Sue Healey.

Sue says: “We filmed Eileen’s new choreography near the end of 2019 with cinematographer Mark Pugh and a cast of Sydney dancers. Throughout the lockdown of 2020, the work evolved, focusing on Eileen’s process of drawing as a strategy to realise the choreography. Music was then created by Ben Walsh.
‘Lady of the Horizon’ is now ready to be shown!”

Watch the film


A film by Eileen Kramer and Sue Healey

Duration: (13 mins)
Cinematography: Mark Pugh
Music: Ben Walsh
Octave Viola: Shenzo Greggorio

Performed by Eileen Kramer
Anca Frankenhaeuser
Patrick Harding-Irmer
Audrey Burden
Julie Cotton
Allie Graham
Lucy Gold
Sara Moad
Shujun Tan
Geoff Weston
and children:
Sienna Duong
Sebastian Pugh
Elizabeth Pugh

Costumes: Eileen Kramer with assistance from Anca Frankenhaeuser

Masks by Paul Orchard

Special thanks: Tobi Wilkinson
Centennial Parklands
Jacqui Dean Photo

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, on whose land we danced.

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