Short film ‘Eileen’ screens to acclaim at New York Dance on Camera Festival

“She shatters all manner of expectations, and it’s exhilarating. She is uninhibited, at her ease, vivacious, drawing you in with her naturalness and making you feel you’re involved in life itself.” Sarah L Kaufman, Washington Post, 5 February 2022 Screening at New York’s Lincoln Center on 12 February 2022 during Dance on Camera’s 50th anniversaryContinue reading “Short film ‘Eileen’ screens to acclaim at New York Dance on Camera Festival”

Eileen releases new film for 106th birthday

‘Lady of the Horizon’ is a short film by Eileen Kramer and Sue Healey. Sue says: “We filmed Eileen’s new choreography near the end of 2019 with cinematographer Mark Pugh and a cast of Sydney dancers. Throughout the lockdown of 2020, the work evolved, focusing on Eileen’s process of drawing as a strategy to realiseContinue reading “Eileen releases new film for 106th birthday”